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Sieger Koder

Koder Reflection Books

The Closeness of God - 9781904785675
(96 pages)
Gemma Simmonds
Writing with a reflective and perceptive gaze, Gemma Simmonds has shared depth and richness of insight into Köder’s work. She sees symbols and themes in the images that link to Scriptures and opens up a meaningful reflective space for others to consider and be enriched by these powerful images. Drawing from the Old and New Testament themes, the book is organised in three sections: The Promise, The Invitation and The Closeness of God.
Code: 40374
£8.99 photograph

Christ Our Morning Star - 9781904785613
(84 pages)
Magdalen Lawler
The Church’s ancient hymn of Easter praise addresses Christ as the Morning Star – an image that heralds the hope of a new day. Sr Magdalen Lawler has presented a moving reflection on the Scriptural and artistic depth within 16 of Sieger Köder’s paintings, three of which have not previously been published in the UK.
Code: 16613
£7.99 photograph

Glimpses of the Divine - 9781904785422
(80 pages)
This book offers reflective thoughts to facilitate understanding the symbolism of each of the 16 image in the collection. A prayerful meditation based on one of the themes is proposed for each painting and suggestions are offered for the relation celebration themes and scripture links.
Code: 17202
£7.99 photograph

The Folly of God: The Art and Inspiration of Sieger Koder - 9780952253891
(80 pages)
This book is an invaluable resource for prayer and celebrations for various purposes. It offers a wealth of reflections, themes and scripture references. Suggestions are also given for creative use of the images with a variety of related themes.
Code: 16742
£7.99 photograph

In Celebration of Wholeness - booklet
(32 pages)
This booklet accompanies Sieger Köder’s image of The Last Supper. It offers reflections, scripture references, focus questions and prayer celebrations for those who wish to meditate on the mystery of Jesus’ Eucharistic invitation to wholeness.
Code: 16735

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